Laer Beren a Lúthien – verse 6

Udul he ad
ne thrîw dregol

dîn leithiant i

Sui tuilinn a rhoss

A nen udul
o loss

Egenn tuiad

Na dail
dîn, nestas

lilthad na mrennil

Linnol am
nadhras úbrestol

  • _i ethuil_
    maybe better b/c of possible association with the name Thranduil
  • _o loss_ instead
    of _o lhoss_
    – another quite suble one:

    there’s _o*_ II
    [ɔ] (od*) prep. from, of; preposition (as a proclitic) used in either
    direction, from or to the point of view of the speaker

    Ety/360, WJ/366, WJ/369-70, LotR/II:IV, SD/129-31, RGEO/72 ◈ According
    to WJ/366, the preposition "is
    normally o in all positions, though od appears occasionally before
    vowels, especially before
    o-". With a suffixed
    article, see also uin
    ◇ OS *aud
    ((A)WA, blended with HO)


    and then, there’s _o_ II[ɔ]
    prep. about, concerning
    ◇ Ety/378 ◈ The
    Etymologies state that h- is prefixed to the word following this
    preposition, when it begins in a vowel: o Hedhil "concerning the elves (Edhil)".
    Some scholars consider that this rule is not valid in Sindarin, but
    that the preposition would perhaps become oh in such a case (hence oh Edhil, to be
    compared with ah in Athrabeth
    Finrod ah Andreth
    ◇ OS *o, *oh, CE *os (OS)

    appears to be some linguistic bickering* about this but it comes down
    to that the first form would notcause the archaic adding of a _h_after
    the first consonant in words that begin with c/l/p/r/t ; while the
    second one does.
    So _o

    would rather mean concerning snow, while _o loss_
    means from/of snow- which is what I needed.

  • _nestas_
    instead of _nestant_
    – since it is used intransitively here (he healed again instead of (…) healed some this-or-that)
  • _tuilinn_ – swallow
    comes from OS *tuilindo, *tuilelindo "spring-singer" (TUJ, LIN2) and is
    attested so probably a better choice then my reconstruction _lirulinn_.
  • brestol_
    should be lenition instead of nasal mutation

With thanks to the folks from Mellyn Lammath – especially Eryniel and Ailinel

* nothing special about that,
since I observed that *bickering* seems to be the ground state of

Ú-valentin!! I laer veleth!

So here’s a love song on the day AFTER Valentine. I just cannot resist a chance to do something other than the rest. 

[object:flash: width:448 height:361]

All right. It should probably me _meleth_. But no, I am not going to change that now. It was all done in a hurry. There’s lots of other mistakes in the lyrics if you want to find them … but hey, I know that B)

What is this language?

The somewhat Welsh-like language in which these poems are written is Sindarin elvish (there is also Quenyan, and Doriathrin, and Qenyan, and Common Eldarin, and all sorts of in-betweens) from the imaginal legends of Middle Earth as described by Prof. JRR Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion, Narn i Chin Húrin and other works. 

For some reason, I especially love Sindarin and am trying to master it as well as possible.

These poems / translations of poems into Sindarin are the result of that.  

a naneth mîn

Ir Ithil ammen Eruchín
menel-vîr síla díriel
si loth a galadh lasto dîn!
A Naneth nothrim vell
le linnon im Athariel!

A sell dhôr galadhremmen vîn
Alae! Alfirin a meril edlothiel
ir aew linnol vi hant vell lîn
dartham sí, lastol a diriel
ne aduial luin derthiel

Anann onel veleth ammen
No brona in eraid ammell;
Eglerio Wendelin, lasto pheth lammen:
ú-thinnatha iaur i vell
an-glass anann gerin estel


— dec 08 

Thilio, dinu nîn

Thilio, thilio dinu nîn,
iston man i enenth lîn.
Am-dhorthol or amar mîn
ech, menel-vîr, síloch dîn.
Thilio, thilio dinu nîn,
iston man i enenth lîn!

– oct 08

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!



Melian, rîn dinnu rovain!
Na linnad lîn onel elei an ardhon anann
ned lim gwa-hiriol i ngelaidh dâd
pathrar Aman an-glîn gelebrin i dinnu.

Melian, chên eryn Lorien!
Hiril gonui o Beleriand anann
lilthol nedh-dyr Edhil nuir a vrîg
dúath darthol na gaim thyr lîn.

Melian, naneth nothrim vain!
Glirial laer lîn anann ai reviar
erin i raid si ú-ben hiritha
said an-aphadad i lûth o phith lîn.

Melian ammelui! Heryn dhúlinn!
Si lûth lîn dartha nedh-guir mîn
na aerlinn lîn athar ah ú-dírol
anírad dartha – ir glinnad lîn gwennin.

(first Sindarin poem)

– july 08


– english original by eadhastar – 

Melian fairest, Queen of Twilight,
long you wooed the world to dreams
at the mingling of the Two Trees’ light,
filling Aman with night’s silver gleams.

Melian, Wood of Lorien’s child,
long you ruled Beleriand
dancing in Elven Realms deep and wild,
shadows lingering at your swooping hands.

Melian, mother of Beauty kind,
long you trilled your voice to those
wandering on paths none can now find
save by the magic your words disclose.

Melian sweetest, Nightingale Queen,
still you hold our hearts entranced
by the strange strains of wonder unseen,
longing left in the wake of your glance.