Laer Beren a Lúthien – verse 6

Udul he ad
ne thrîw dregol

dîn leithiant i

Sui tuilinn a rhoss

A nen udul
o loss

Egenn tuiad

Na dail
dîn, nestas

lilthad na mrennil

Linnol am
nadhras úbrestol

  • _i ethuil_
    maybe better b/c of possible association with the name Thranduil
  • _o loss_ instead
    of _o lhoss_
    – another quite suble one:

    there’s _o*_ II
    [ɔ] (od*) prep. from, of; preposition (as a proclitic) used in either
    direction, from or to the point of view of the speaker

    Ety/360, WJ/366, WJ/369-70, LotR/II:IV, SD/129-31, RGEO/72 ◈ According
    to WJ/366, the preposition "is
    normally o in all positions, though od appears occasionally before
    vowels, especially before
    o-". With a suffixed
    article, see also uin
    ◇ OS *aud
    ((A)WA, blended with HO)


    and then, there’s _o_ II[ɔ]
    prep. about, concerning
    ◇ Ety/378 ◈ The
    Etymologies state that h- is prefixed to the word following this
    preposition, when it begins in a vowel: o Hedhil "concerning the elves (Edhil)".
    Some scholars consider that this rule is not valid in Sindarin, but
    that the preposition would perhaps become oh in such a case (hence oh Edhil, to be
    compared with ah in Athrabeth
    Finrod ah Andreth
    ◇ OS *o, *oh, CE *os (OS)

    appears to be some linguistic bickering* about this but it comes down
    to that the first form would notcause the archaic adding of a _h_after
    the first consonant in words that begin with c/l/p/r/t ; while the
    second one does.
    So _o

    would rather mean concerning snow, while _o loss_
    means from/of snow- which is what I needed.

  • _nestas_
    instead of _nestant_
    – since it is used intransitively here (he healed again instead of (…) healed some this-or-that)
  • _tuilinn_ – swallow
    comes from OS *tuilindo, *tuilelindo "spring-singer" (TUJ, LIN2) and is
    attested so probably a better choice then my reconstruction _lirulinn_.
  • brestol_
    should be lenition instead of nasal mutation

With thanks to the folks from Mellyn Lammath – especially Eryniel and Ailinel

* nothing special about that,
since I observed that *bickering* seems to be the ground state of